1. Facebook | Facebook has been rated as the most popular social media site and is great for targeting local users through advertisements.
2. Yelp | Yelp is the top review website and is great for SEO. If you want to optimize your presence in search engines especially Yahoo, then you should have your business profile registered on Yelp.
3. Google Plus | While it is not similar to Facebook, Google Plus is popular for its SEO value. It is ideal for businesses targeting a local market. It also helps companies get direct client reviews.
4. Twitter | If a company is targeting a younger audience, then Twitter is the best channel. It is suitable for interacting with both prospective and current clients.
5. Instagram | With over 400 million users, Instagram is an excellent marketing platform for business. You can post images and videos of what you do to attract clients. It is an ideal platform for sharing your company culture.
6. YouTube | YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform on the internet. Unlike Instagram that has restrictions on video length, you can post videos on any length on YouTube.
7. LinkedIn | LinkedIn is a professional networking and social media site. Businesses can use it to connect with other organizations in their industry. It can be used to share company statistics and information.
8. Pinterest | Pinterest is an image based site just as Instagram. Its users are over 90% women, so it is ideal for businesses whose target market are of the female gender.
9. Vine | Vine is a video application that is fast gaining popularity. Vine can be used in conjunction with Twitter and is ideal for the fashion, sports, and music industries.
10. Meetup | Meetup is great for local networking and business promotion. It is great for brand awareness and launching new products.