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Effective messaging: key to member and donor engagement, and fundraising

From launching a compelling fundraising campaign, to posting engaging social media, effective messaging is key to the success of your nonprofit’s member & donor engagement, and fundraising efforts.  What is messaging? Messaging is the content your organization uses to explain what you offer to various demographic groups or target markets, and what differentiates your offering from other nonprofits in your industry […]

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Best Practices for A Successful Email Fundraising Campaign

At the heart of launching a successful fundraising drive is an effective email campaign. Be sure that your donor solicitation efforts achieve your revenue goals by following these best practices for your next email fundraising campaign. #1: Be sure those you’re soliciting know what to expect. Donors and others you’re soliciting don’t like to be surprised […]

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Leverage Your Content for Maximum Marketing Impact

Creating great content is the first step toward getting your organization or brand recognized. The next step is making sure that you’re leveraging this content through as many marketing channels as possible. Here are the best, most cost-effective ways to get your content out there for maximum marketing impact. Update your website’s blog at least quarterly. According to web and […]

How to Develop Effective Messaging

From launching a compelling website and email marketing campaign, to posting engaging social media that drives sales, effective messaging is key to the success of an organization’s marketing initiatives. What is messaging? Messaging is the content an organization uses to explain what they offer to various demographic groups or target markets, and that differentiates their offering from competitors. Without effective messaging that’s clear, concise, engaging and […]

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Maximize Your Return From Conferences & Trade Shows

At one time or another, most of us have invested time and money attending trade shows and conferences for either an employer, or for our own organizations. Yet, a lot of potential business and momentum is often lost following these events. Here’s how to maximize your return from this important business development activity: Plan Before You Go. (At the beginning of the […]

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Marketing Essentials for 2017

Here are the marketing essentials every nonprofit organization or business needs in 2017 to be a real player at the table. Conduct a marketing audit. A lot can happen in a year, so it’s important to review your marketing approach at least annually to be sure that it’s still working to attract your target customers, and meet your organizational and […]

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How Nonprofits Can Increase Revenue By Improving Member Benefits

Here are suggestions from several nonprofits that recently took a fresh look at their member benefits and are making improvements to differentiate their member offering. Be Proactive. Noelle Pina, Executive Director of the Orleans Chamber of Commerce, has spent the past year reviewing the Chamber’s member benefits with an eye toward improving the overall member […]

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Giving Circles Create Community and Nonprofit Awareness

At this time of Thanksgiving and giving, many Cape nonprofits are reaching out to donors to encourage them to support the good work of their organizations. One nonprofit that serves the Cape’s young professionals, Cape Cod Young Professionals, (CCYP) recently launched a Giving Circle so that CCYP members and sponsors could pool their donations and […]


How One Nonprofit Leverages the Power of Giving Circles

Cape Cod Young Professionals (CCYP)–a nonprofit that recently celebrated its tenth year–was founded to help young professionals live, work and thrive year round on Cape Cod. Through the organization’s Shape the Cape initiative, CCYP offers a variety of programs including mentoring, networking, career and professional development, civic engagement, access to housing that’s affordable–and even scholarships—in […]