Non-profit organizations need marketing strategies and tools like all others. Far too many people are under the impression that marketing is reserved for for-profit businesses that are trying to expand their demographics. Non-profits are ultimately selling products and ideas just like for-profit businesses, and they need to find a way to reach their own demographics properly, or expand in order to sell certain ideas to additional demographics. Read more

Far too many business owners are suffering from burnout these days. Part of the problem stems from our society’s emphasis on working long, grueling hours. The phenomenon can be seen in research published with the Association for Psychological Science. A record 1.7% of all workers left their jobs in December 2014, which has been rising ever since.
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The most successful people are not always the most talented. The world’s top business leaders earned their stripes by maximizing productivity. Here are a few hacks from some of the best CEOS of SMEs. Read more

Cape Cod is home to about 200,000 people, but is a strong economy nonetheless. The economy has faced some challenges over the years, but still offers many great opportunities for new and growing businesses. Chris Adams, Chief of Staff at the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, is confident that transitioning to a blue economy will be a solution. Read more