Marketing is an essential component to running a business. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to manage a sound marketing campaign on your own. The average one person business spends over 36% of their time trying to expand their customer base. Read more

1. Facebook | Facebook has been rated as the most popular social media site and is great for targeting local users through advertisements.
2. Yelp | Yelp is the top review website and is great for SEO. If you want to optimize your presence in search engines especially Yahoo, then you should have your business profile registered on Yelp. Read more

Every business needs a sound advertising strategy to grow cost effectively. They have far more options available today than in years past. The wider range of options provides them with more opportunities to reach their target customers. Here is a brief overview of some of the most important marketing channels small business owners should consider utilizing. Read more

As more and more firm owners are finding out recently, there are considerable benefits of doing the majority of their business in a virtual setting, where the employees work from home on their own schedules. Read more

Growing your business requires great employees, a great building, and a commitment to excellence. These three qualities can help your business reach new heights, but there marketing is the final ingredient to a successful company. Your business cannot grow if people do not learn about your company. There are several different advertising strategies, but one of the most common strategies is local advertising. Local advertising presents several benefits and a few costs. Read more